Saturday September 11th, 9:30am: Chromatic Fantasy – Doubleweave by Jennifer Moore

Presenter: Jennifer Moore

Facilitator: Nancy Smothergill

This meeting will be held via Zoom, you will receive a Zoom invite prior to the meeting. Please join at 9:15am so we can get started with the program at 9:30am.

For nearly 40 years Jennifer has been exploring relationships between weaving, mathematics and music in her doubleweave wall pieces. In this multimedia presentation, she will show how she has used doubleweave pick-up as a medium for her geometric designs and color harmonies. She will explain the basic principles of the golden proportion, symmetry movements, tessellations and fractals, and show how she has used them in her work. The program will culminate with a journey through her masters project and an animated video of her weavings dancing to the music of Bach.  An overview of the basic process of doubleweave will be included.

Guild Challenge

Facilitators:  Nancy Gaus, Nancy Smothergill, Joyce Lock

Doubleweave is a clever structure that allows two separate warps to interact in unusual and fascinating ways.  A basic doubleweave can give you lovely and versatile results, but there are many variations on the theme.  Doubleweave pickup, deflected doubleweave, doubleweave on rigid heddle, and exciting color combinations are just a few of the options that can thrill even the experienced weaver.  What will you do with doubleweave?  Report on your discoveries in March.


Saturday October 2nd, 10:00am: A Review of

Presenter:  Nancy Gaus is a handy resource that is easy to use with both free and paid membership features. There is more to this website than you might think.  It’s a collection of easily searchable weaving drafts, a draft editor, a profile draft conversion and block substitution tool, and it includes a versatile color editor so you can try out your color ideas.  For a small membership fee you get the enhanced features and the ability to save and upload your own drafts.  Jump in and see what can do for you!

Saturday-Sunday October 9-10th: Little York Fall Fiber Arts Festival


Saturday November 6th, 10:00am: Idea to Design: A Panel Discussion

We will be meeting in-person in the gym at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church where we can spread out along with wearing masks. Simple refreshments will be provided and hot water will be available for drinks.

Moderator:  Joyce Lock

Panelists:  Donna Connery, Susan Mehringer, Nancy Smothergill, Sue Szczotka and Laureen Whitney

How do you go from an idea to a woven design?  Wonder what process other weavers use?  How many ways are there are to start with an idea and end up with a woven piece?  Infinite, but we’ll explore a few.

A panel of five weavers, each representing different aspects of weaving and approaches to design, will respond to a series of questions to get their unique perspective.  These answers in turn will promote group discussion.  There will also be time for questions from guild members, so come with the burning questions that you have always wanted to ask!


Saturday December 4th, 10:00am: Small Project: Thread Buttons

Presenter: Sue Szczotka

December’s program will be a fun, hands-on mini class on making a woven yarn button.  Sue learned this technique from Peg Cherre via a Zoom class from the Rochester Guild.  Buttons can be made in any size and colors with options of adding bling with beads! You will need to make a simple template ahead of time and bring any yarn from 3/2 or 5/2 cotton to sock weight yarn and a blunt end needle with an eye big enough for your yarn choice.  Specific instructions will be sent 2 weeks before the class. WARNING: These buttons can be addicting!



Saturday January 8th, 10:00am: Weaving Without Wear

Presenter:  Staci Stoffel, DPT

Facilitator: Nancy Smothergill

Staci Stoffel will present information and demonstrations on efficient ergonomics and postures for weavers in order to reduce fatigue and repetitive use injuries. With a doctorate in physical therapy and 15 years of experience in various settings and with diverse populations, Staci has a unique ability to assess and communicate about a person’s ability to move effectively and efficiently.


Saturday February 5th, 10:00am: Name Drafting

Presenter: Cynthia Pendergrast

Name Drafting is a method for creating original overshot threadings. Start with a name or phrase selected by you.  Convert it into a four shaft threading and treadling with a draw down to envision what it would look like when woven.


Saturday March 5th, 10:00am: Presentation of the Guild Challenge

Facilitator: Nancy Gauss

Bring the doubleweave piece(s) you wove for the guild challenge and tell us what you learned.  Include an optional sample and information card for our Guild Sample Book.


Saturday April 2nd, 10:00am: Field Trip – Exploring Treasures from the American Textile Museum

Presenter: Marcie Farwell

Facilitator: Cynthia Pendergrast

We will make our Covid-postponed field trip to the Kheel Center of the Catherwood Library at Cornell University in Ithaca. When the American Textile Museum in Lowell, MA closed, Cornell acquired many of the materials from the museum, including many written materials and some samples of woven goods. Marcie Farwell, curator of the archives, presented a Zoom program to the group last program year. This year she will lead us through an on-site viewing of some of the fascinating items from the era of American textile prominence.


Saturday May 7th, 12:00pm: Annual Potluck Luncheon and Towel Exchange

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