Guild Challenge

2020/2021 Challenge: Weave a Structure That’s New to You,  Weave a Sample

Are you stuck in a rut? Too many twill towels? Hyper focused on huck? Outrageous overflow of overshot? Break out of that mold and try something new! Pick a structure that you have never explored before. Push its boundaries, try new fibers, blend some colors. Weave what ever strikes your fancy and be sure to also weave a sample for our new Guild Sample Book. Report on your discoveries in April.

Create a Sample Card

This part of the challenge is optional. After downloading the sample card from the Library web page, print it out on cardstock (good) or archival quality paper (better).  Fill in as much of the card as you can, but it’s okay to leave some areas blank.  The idea is to have a friendly resource, both from the point of view of the user and from the person filling out the form.

Weave a sample and affix it as instructed to the card.  Your sample should be roughly 4″ x 4″ or larger, but no bigger than 8.5″x11″.  The edges of your sample can be stabilized with fray check, watered down white glue, or machine stitching.

Plan to submit your sample card at the April meeting.  Weavers are encouraged to continue submissions to our Guild Sample Book into the future.

Wanted:  A volunteer curator is needed to maintain our book and bring it to monthly meetings for easy access to members.

Need some motivation?  Want to discuss your chosen weave structure with others?

First, add your name and weave structure to the guild challenge participants list (only guild members have access to this list).  You will have received the link to the file in an email.  If you can’t find the email, use the Contact web page and it will be resent to you.  Once the list is displayed (you don’t need to sign in) change the green button from “Viewing” to “Editing” to add your information.

There you can see others who are interested in meeting virtually via Zoom, want to chat online via Ravelry, or just want to email each other.  After determining who is interested in discussing a specific weave structure and how you want to interact, either contact Cynthia Pendergrast to set up a Zoom meeting using the guild account or message each other via Ravelry. 

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